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Enthusiastic Citizens Commended at the Public Safety Conference for Their Success in Helping Foil Fraud Attempts  

    At the public safety conference held for May of 2017, Deputy Mayor Deng awarded and commended enthusiastic citizens and bank clerks for their good deeds that succeeded in foiling fraud attempts. On March 13, a citizen received a phone call from a fake city health bureau official claiming that he had outstanding fees and would be referred to the district court which would then impose compulsory enforcement. The citizen went to the Zhongxiao branch of CTBC to wire-transfer NT$4.5 million to the account designated by the conman. Ms. Liu, a clerk of the branch, sensed that something was wrong. Out of caring, she inquired about it and determined that the citizen must be conned. She immediately talked the citizen out of remitting the money and called in the TCPD officers. Because of Ms. Liu’s enthusiasm and alertness, a citizen’s property was successfully safeguarded without falling into the hands of a fraud ring.
    Ten other alert bank clerks also noticed possible fraud when citizens entered banks for over-the-counter service. They called in the police to help them dissuade people from remitting their money, successfully safeguarding people’s property. Deputy Mayor Deng awarded them certificates of appreciation to commend their enthusiasm and endeavors. He also expressed his hope that all citizens would join the fight against fraud and people and the police should work together to do their part in the prevention of fraud in Taipei city, making Taipei city a prosperous city full of peace and happiness.
    The following are the names of other ten awarded and commended bank clerks:

  1. Ms. Chen, Land Bank of Taiwan Guting Branch
  2. Ms. Zhang, Hwatai Bank Shilin Branch
  3. Mr. Pan, Beitou District Post Office
  4. Ms. Zhou, CTBC Bank Zhongxiao Branch
  5. Ms. Chiu, Yuanta Bank Datong Branch
  6. Mr. Yuang, Mega International Commercial Bank Anhe Branch
  7. Ms. Lin, Shin Kong Bank Beitou Branch
  8. Ms. Lin and Fan, Yushan Bank
  9. Ms. Guo, Union Bank of Taiwan Wenlin Branch