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Longshan Police Station Established to Concentrate Police Forces

    In order to enhance police services in the Wanhua district, the TCPD has convened multiple times with the Wanhua Precinct, and in line with the renovation of aged building facilities, has combined both Guilin Rd. and Kunming St. Police Stations to form the Longshan Police Station on July 13 to. A public forum was held on April 16 to unveil the plan to the public and allay any fears toward social security. Moreover, an Integration Forum was held by the Wanhua Precint to receive suggestions from locals on July 2, chaperoned by Deputy Mayor Deng, and attended by local councilors, village chiefs and police officers from both police stations. The goal of the forum was to inform the public of the distribution of policing duties, manpower and building parameters post-integration, as well as its benefits toward local security and traffic.

    The newly-formed Longshan Police Station features concentrated police forces, cutting down on administrative personnel and releasing manpower into the field; while at the same time integrating field duties formerly planned by both police stations, resulting in greater officer dispatch mobility, thereby enhancing the effects of police activity and public service.

    Furthermore, the Wanhua Precinct has established a mobile police station at the former site of the Kunming Police Station during public-determined hours, continuing to process all kinds of cases in order to protect social security and serve the public. The Precinct will also continue to function during this period in accordance with Mayor Ko’s objectives concerning the integration, which are: “Preserve high standards of social security maintenance”, “Uphold the rights of station officers” and “Sustain high police duty efficiency.”