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Foreign Affairs Police Officer Helps Tourist Find Way Home

      A Japanese tourist surnamed Iguchi was separated from his tour group while touring Shilin Night Market on the night of April 9, and was subsequently referred to the Foreign Affairs Police Station of the TCPD Foreign Affairs Division by on-site officers.
   As Mr. Iguchi could not clearly state his accommodations nor information regarding his travel group due to his advanced age, and moreover had no papers of identification on his person save his Japanese driver’s license. Officer Xu, Sheng-Tang of the Foreign Affairs Police Station therefore input Mr. Iguchi’s name, date of birth and nationality into the foreigners’ entry/departure database, and when that yielded no results, he requested assistance from the National Immigration Agency (NIA) to verify Mr. Iguchi’s passport number and date of entry.
   Though the foreigner’s identity was confirmed using the NIA’s system, information pertaining to his place of stay could not be verified. At this moment, Officer Ko, Xiang-Ming, a colleague of Officer Xu, had the notion to deduce Mr. Iguchi’s flight number from his time of entry, and ask the aviation company to contact the travel agency responsible for purchasing the plane tickets. The travel agency in question contacted Officer Ko in turn, and after the officer debriefed them on the events that had transpired, they sent an agent to the Foreign Affairs Police Station to recover the lost Mr. Iguchi so that he could continue his tour.
     Mr. Iguchi thanked the officers of the Foreign Affairs Police Station again and again before he left, stating that Taiwan was a country with impressive social security, armed also with a warmhearted and dedicated police force. It is evident that the Taiwanese Police has left a lasting impression on this traveler.