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Taipei City Police Department


Traffic citation takes surprising turn into motor vehicle theft

Evil cannot prevail. A man in Wanhua district neglected to wear his helmet while on the road. Upon coming to a police checkpoint, the motorcyclist accelerated and escaped. The police officer recorded the motorcycle plate number on camera and from tracing to find the owner, cracked a motor vehicle theft unexpectedly.
A few days ago when Officer Chen-xin Zhuang with the Juguang Rd. Police Station, Wanhua Precinct, was conducting roadside stop-and-check during his patrol duty, , he spotted a man riding a motorcycle without a helmet. When Officer Zhuang motioned the rider to pull over, the rider disobeyed and accelerated his vehicle to escape. Officer Zhuang jotted down the motorcycle’s plate number right away and through further inspection determined that the motorcycle has been reported stolen. Zhuang then reviewed the CCTV footages to trace the man’s route and recovered the motorcycle. Later he notified the suspect, surnamed Chen (aged 35) to come in for a police interview. The suspect confessed that he had stolen the vehicle by using a skeleton key to turn on the switch. The case had been referred to the court on charge of theft.
The TCPD urged citizens to always lock the motorcycle as well as add a tire lock when parking vehicles to prevent motorcycle theft.