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TCPD busts 3 Violent Syndicates in Gang Crackdown Initiative

    In order to maintain public order before the upcoming elections and eradicate cases of bribery and violent coercion, as well as suppress recent mob activity on Minsheng E. and Linsheng N. Roads, the TCPD has implemented a five-day initiative against organized criminal activity, and as of today has apprehended 3 of the main targets as well as up to 18 accomplices. Details of the operations are listed below:
  1.   After a scandalous case of bodily harm involving airsoft guns happened in Beitou district this June, the TCPD, receiving the mandate of the Executive Yuan and under the supervision of the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office, has formed a special task force, headed by Commissioner Chen and drafting officers from the Beitou Precinct, Criminal Investigation Division and the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), to uncover the culprits responsible. 
  Thorough investigations revealed that a savage loan shark syndicate was behind the attacks, which preyed on victims’ urgent fiscal needs to press unreasonable interest rates, and utilized ultra-violent methods to collect on the resulting debts.

  Gathering days’ worth of incriminating evidence, the task force conducted multiple simultaneous raids on August 7, apprehending chief suspect Mr. Guo and five other accomplices, and also impounding a surplus of evidence, starting with 200,000 NT dollars in cash as well as piles of loan receipts and cheques. Suspect Guo and cronies were referred to the District Prosecutors’s Office on charges of violating the Organized Crime Prevention Act, extortion, bodily harm and usury after interrogation.
  1.   The TCPD Criminal Investigation Division cooperated with the Nangang and Caotun Precincts to crack a syndicate headed by a Mr. Yeh. Yeh and company used common modus operandi such as “Erroneous Payment settings” and “Pretending to be a close acquaintance” to perpetrate up to tens of cases of telecom fraud, netting up to hundreds of thousands of NT dollars. Still more shockingly, members of the syndicate were exposed to brutal management methods, including physical torture. The suspects were referred to the District Prosecutors’ Office under charges of violating the Organized Crime Prevention Act, bodily harm and telecom fraud after interrogation; ringleader Yeh was detained and held incommunicado.
  1.   A joint operation involving the Xinyi, Zhongzheng First Precincts and the Criminal Investigation Division of the TCPD busted a criminal organization headed by suspect Mr. Lin. The Syndicate was behind multiple acts of violent extortion using not only weaponry but also methods such as kidnapping and arson. Lin, along with seven suspects, were referred to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of violating the Organized Crime Prevention Act,  Controlling Guns, Ammunition and Knives Act as well as extortion and offenses against personal liberty.
    Pertaining to cases of illegal roadside mob gatherings, the TCPD has decreed that all precincts follow the “Three Strategies against Organized Crime”, and not only enforce the law during the period of the initiative, but also carry out extensive spot checks on establishments known to harbor gang members. At the same time, business owners are advised to monitor safety of their premises, while the police grasp the syndicates behind heinous crimes in an effort to snuff out the odious flames of gang activity, thereby preventing future incidents of public violence.

    The TCPD would like to promote the “3 Maxims against Gang Activity”, which are “Do not adulate them”, “Do not join them” and “Do not ask for their help.” Citizens should seek aid from the police with the greatest alacrity if ever faced by gang oppression, against which the TCPD has both the confidence and the ability to combat and dissolve, thereby returning to citizens a benign living environment free from any form of fear whatsoever.