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Taipei City Police Department


Police Arrest Members of Labor Groups Involved in Rally Misconduct

    Multiple groups protesting the Amendments of the Labor Standards Act held a “Sit-in at the Legislative Yuan, Repeal malignant legislature!” protest rally from January 8 to 10 at Chingdao Road and Zhenjiang Street intersection, with plans to sit-in all through the night at the Legislative Yuan. In order to maintain traffic order and safeguard the government facilities along the protest route, the Taipei City Police Department had implemented security measures beforehand.
    Yet the Rally did not conform to the designated route, and various acts of misconduct were perpetrated, including flash mobs obstructing traffic and 15 people lying on the tracks of the Taiwan Railway on January 8, and misdemeanors around the Legislative Yuan on January 10. Not only was this a deliberate waste of social resources, but also three on-duty officers were hurt in the jostling. Related wrongdoings are to be disposed by the Taipei City Police Department as follows:  

  1.  Those that attacked or pushed the Police by throwing flip-flops at officers will be sent to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s office according to Article 30 of the Assembly and Parade Act and Article 140 of the Penal Code (Offenses of Obstructing an Officer in Discharge of Duties), as soon as they are identified. As for the pushing part, investigation of the case will be carried out by the Zhongzhen First Precinct after reviewing recorded evidence and identifying responsible parties.
  2.  A certain individual Liao (廖○雯), under suspicion of leading flash mobs on the streets, will be issued a citation for violating Article 78 of the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act once surveillance footage is reviewed and the misconduct confirmed.
  3. 15 people are suspected of lying on the tracks to obstruct train traffic, and reviews of evidence tapes and news reports showed due to the incident, operating trains (Local Train No.1233 and the Tze-chiang Express train) were forced to stop, resulting in the hold-up of 21 scheduled trains and impacted 12,000 travelers, culminating in stagnation and chaos of railway travel. A Mr. Xu (徐○遠) and fourteen others were handed over to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office by the Taipei Precinct of the Railway Police Department on January 9 on charges of violating Article 185 and 188 of the Penal Code (Offenses against Public Safety). All 15 have been subjected to residence limitations.
  4. Two suspects surnamed Xie (謝姓) and Jiang (蔣姓)have been pinpointed for tossing smoke cans into crowds, and as soon as evidence tapes reveal their identities, the Zhongzhen First Precinct will refer the case to the Taipei District Court on charges of violating Paragraph 1, Article 85 of the Social Order Maintenance Act.
    The Taipei City Police Department sincerely respects the people’s right to express themselves, and has always upheld the codes of “Protecting the lawful, apprehending the illegal and preventing the violence.” But all acts of misconduct during the past few days will be accounted for according to the law and without leniency.