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Foreign Affairs Police Reunite Japanese Tourists

    A Japanese tourist named Shimada came to Taiwan via tour group along with her daughter. In the night of Jan. 29 however, he got lost in Shilin Night Market, and missed the tour bus returning to the hotel; thus his daughter came to the Foreign Affairs Police Station (FAPS) of the Taipei City Police Department to ask for assistance. Officers Zhao-Ming Hsu and Jian-Xing Zhang acquired the name of the hotel, yet was unable to procure contact information of the tour guide. As Madam Shimada’s Cellphone was also unfortunately out of order, thus rendering any form of contact impossible, the Foreign Affairs Police officers bade the daughter return first to the hotel, and await further news.
    News soon arrived in the form of a report to the FAPS from the nearby Wenlin Police Station, stating that an elderly Japanese lady had reached out to the police, claiming to be lost. Seargent-on-duty Jin-Zhang Yang immediately deduced that this lady could be the missing Madam Shimada, and dispatched officers to pick her up with greatest alacrity. Inquiries conducted by officers proved the sergeant to be correct; it was indeed lost madam Shimada, now found. Taking the icy temperatures of the frigid Taipei night into consideration, Foreign Affairs Officer Zhen-Yan Li volunteered to drive Madam Shimada back to her hotel in Zhongzhen district, where the mother and daughter were reunited at last.
    The tourists were more than grateful to the officers for their timely help, and lauded Taiwan for its secure society, maintained by a police force full of compassion and decorum; a staple of progress for a proud and fully-developed nation.