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Taipei City Police Department


TCPD Steps Up Crackdown on Fraud

To demonstrate the determination to defeat fraud, protect citizens from scams and maintain public order, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je has placed counter-fraud policy as the key issue of its governing agenda. Commissioner of the Taipei City Police Department, Chen Jia-Chung, accordingly commanded the Criminal Investigation Division to carry out a special sweeping operation between October 11th and November 18th to crack down on fraud.
Recently, many telecommunication bases used by fraud syndicates overseas have been busted by other countries. Due to the fear of being deported to China facing harsh criminal penalties, some Taiwanese fraud ring leaders are moving their bases back to Taiwan.
Police forces from investigation brigades of related precincts and field operations units of the Criminal Investigation Division are joining hands, under the command of Taipei District Prosecutors Office, Shihlin District Prosecutors’ Office and New Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office to fight fraudulent activities. Using big data analysis, the joint force is able to bust technology-based fraud groups, arrest couriers and the so-called “bankbook receivers” and scam prevention in parallel.
One hundred and sixty-three suspects connected to eighty fraud cases had been referred to the Prosecutors’ Office for the time being. The police successfully intercepted more than NT$807,000 connected to seventeen cases and seized forged judicial documents, cell phones, tablets, debit cards and credit cards used by judicial authority imposters as evidence. These cases were respectively referred to District Prosecutors’ Offices and Juvenile Court on charges of fraud. The number of victims had been up to six hundred and thirteen and the total illegal gains had amounted to at least NT$5,000,000 to date. Investigations will continue and expand.