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Taipei City Police Department


Foreign Affairs Police Help Korean Tourists Recover Lost Items

    Korean Tourist Kim, Ming-ho came to Taiwan with his girlfriend on March 2nd, and while watching the 2018 Taipei Lantern Festival Parade, he discovered that he had lost his wallet. Because it contained important papers of identification and some cash, he hastily reported the case to the police. Initially worried the chances of recovering his wallet in a foreign country that speaks a different language were slim, Mr. Kim was happily surprised that the Foreign Affairs police officers handling his case spoke fluent English and successfully recovered his wallet. 

    Officers Wang, Ching-Kai and Tu, Zhi-Hong of the TCPD Foreign Affairs Division were posted at the mobile police station to keep watch and assist festival goers. Upon receiving the report of the lost wallet, they immediately rushed to the scene to calm the foreign tourist down while making inquiries. Mr. Kim told them that he had been to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall before coming to Ximen. Then the two officers contacted the Lantern Festival Information Desk as well as the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Security Guard Office. Fortunately the Security Guard Office had received a wallet picked up by a passersby, but had no idea who to contact. After confirming with the two Korean tourists that the wallet in question was indeed theirs, Officers Wang and Tu gave them a ride to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall to retrieve their lost item.

    Mr. Kim’s face burst with ecstatic joy and gratitude when he retrieved his wallet, and he commended Taiwan for its awesome public safety. Moreover, through a job well done, he was left with good impression of the enthusiastic and efficient service of Taiwanese police.