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Pickpockets from Mainland China Apprehended by MRT Police    

    Following a report from a Japanese male on September 23rd that his purse (containing 70 thousand Japanese Yen, 200 Taiwanese Dollars, credit cards and papers of identification) had been purloined as he exited a Tamsui line MRT station, The TCPD’s MRT Police Division identified and targeted a mass pickpocketing ring as the suspects. With Captain Jin-Cheng Chen at the helm, a special task force was set up to investigate the case and prevent like attempts of crime in the future.

    Reviewing related CCTV surveillance camera footage, the MRT Police discovered that the victim was tailed by two unidentified male suspects after exiting the MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Center station. The two men took the purse from the victim’s backpack, and covering each other, fled the scene straightaway. Tracking the whereabouts of the suspects, it was revealed that they were tourists from Mainland China, and were probably members of a cross-border pickpocketing syndicate. In order to prevent future crimes, the MRT police deployed a division of plain-clothes police to lie in ambush in the MRT Zhongshan station, and apprehended a male suspect red-handed. Through extensive investigation, it was uncovered that the man was also suspected of stealing a Japanese tourist’s purse with the same trick on September 30. The case was referred to the Taipei Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation, and an extended search is underway.

    The MRT Police would like to remind the public to stay vigilant and mind one’s property and surroundings while utilizing the MRT system. Being wary of suspicious persons and arming oneself against theft are ways to stave off potential pickpockets. In event of crime, one should report to on-site Police or dial the 110 hotline immediately.