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Guerrilla Jiu-jitsu Trainers Exchange Takedown Techniques with TCPD Security Personnel

   In order to elevate martial art and defensive skill standards among the police, the TCPD has invited American martial arts trainer Sensei Dave Camarillo and Khai Wu to a fighting skills exchange program with the Criminal Investigation Division’s SWAT Team and other similar divisions on July 9. The goal was to hone police security preservation skills in the line of duty and enhance emergency handling abilities.  

Sensei Dave Camarillo has had 34 years of martial arts experience, and is no stranger to martial sporting competitions such as Guerrilla Jiu-jitsu, Judo and boxing. He is also an accomplished trainer of professional mixed martial artists, having had over ten years of experience training law enforcement, army personnel and WWA fighters, which include former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez among others. Dave has also been nominated “Coach of the Year” by Vincit magazine, and is currently the head instructor of Guerrilla Jiujitsu HQ Pleasanton, California.

The other coach, Khai Wu, is 22-year-old martial artist Wu, Zhong-Kai, Bantamweight champion representing Taiwan, who also garnered superb results in the RFC “Way of the dragon” Competition on July 7.  

    Police education, both physical and academical, has long been a cornerstone of the TCPD. The attendees of the exchange program that day included experienced and elite SWAT team members as well as field trainers, who oversee scheduled officer pistol, grappling and defensive skill training. Endeavoring to reach excellence, the TCPD has invited the aforementioned world-class trainers to share their experiences and impart martial techniques upon the gathered trainees. The program is expected to improve police officer defensive skills on the field, and instill confidence and raise officer performance whilst dealing with delinquents and fighting crime.