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Taipei City Police Department


Fighting Newly-Emerged Drugs Drug Syndicate Busted by Da-Tung Precinct

The Da-Tung precinct of The Taipei City Police Department recently carried out a narcotic raid busting a major drug syndicate in a private apartment in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City.
A drug dealer surnamed Lee was arrested on the spot. 4,255 bags of drugs packaged in coffee stick with gross weight of 60.7 kg, 18.78 grams of Erinim, 3,119.6 grams of Ketamine, 681 grams of plum tablets which contained grade-2 narcotic substance, a money counting machine and illegal income of 509,000 NTD are also seized.
The suspect, Lee, sold Columbarium Pagoda for a living. However, in light of poor business, he took the risk to sell drugs, hoping to increase his income. Those drugs were well known for the various packaging such as milk powder packs, coffee sticks and juice boxes. He had set up his rental apartment as “drug distributer” to provide drugs users with a variety of choices.
The Taipei City Police Department has zero tolerance policing and will keep strictly clamping down on gangs, drugs firearms, prostitution and illegal gambling which are wreaking havoc on society. The TCPD has expressed that its determination to fight crimes will never stop.