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Taipei City Police Department


Traffic Control and Advisory for the 2018 Standard Chartered Marathon

    The 2018 Standard Chartered Marathon is scheduled to take place on Sunday, January 28, starting at 06:00. Routes for the full and half Marathons encompasses citywide roads such as Ketegalan Boulevard, Renai Road, Zhongshan North and South Roads, Beian Road, Mingshui Road, Lequn First Street, Tiding Boulevard, MacArthur 2nd Bridge and Tayou Road, as well as Bicycle Routes on either side of the Keelung River from Chengde Bridge to Number 12 Evacuation Gate. Routes for the 10K race include Ketegalan Boulevard, Zhongshan South Road, Aiguo East Road, Hangzhou South Road, Renai Road, Xingshen Overpass, Binjiang Street and Bicycle Route inside Dajia Riverside Park. The entire Dajia Riverside Park Bicycle Route is also used as the full course for the 3K race. It is estimated that a total of 29,000 persons will take part.
    In order to maintain event safety and traffic order, the TCPD will impose control measures upon the aforementioned roads, restricting vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles from entry. For controlled road sections and timetables, please refer to the 2018 Standard Chartered Marathon Traffic Control Diagram.
Traffic Control Measures will also be implemented along the Marathon Route, and aside from vehicle restrictions, buses will also use detour routes. For information on bus detour routes, please check the Taipei City Public Transportation Office Website at http://www.pto.gov.taipei/.
    During the Event, it is advised travelers to plan in advance according to the instructions below:

  1. North and southbound traffic along Renai Road: Take Xinsheng South Road.
  2. Westbound traffic along Aiguo East Road (From Hangzhou South Road to Zhongshan South Road intersections ): Turn south to Jinshan South Road beforehand, then turn right at Heping East and Roosevelt roads, finally taking a left at Aiguo West Road.
  3. East and westbound traffic along Zhongshan South Road: Take Zhongxiao Underpass.
  4. East and westbound traffic along Zhongshan North Road:
  1. Motor Vehicles should take the Zhongxiao Underpass.
  2. Vehicles on road sections east of Zhongshan North Road: Take Mingzhu East Road, then turn right into Zhongshan North Road and follow the U-turn lane under Zhongshan Bridge into Mingzhu West Road.
  3. Vehicles on road sections west of Zhongshan North Road: Take Mingzhu West Road, then turn left into the Zhongshan North Road Diversionary pass, continue to Beian Road and Dazhi bridge, then continue eastbound for downtown Taipei.
  1. Southbound traffic on Tiding Boulevard (Between Jiuzhong Road and MacArthur 2nd Bridge): Take Jiuzhong Road instead.
  2. Traffic on MacArthur 2nd Bridge should take MacArthur 1st Bridge as an alternative.
  3. Westbound traffic on Huandong Overpass: Divert to Zhongxiao East Road, Nangang Road or Nanjing East Road.
  4. Northbound traffic on Tayou Road should take Nanjing East Road to Sanmin Road and continue north.
  5. Traffic on Shinsheng Overpass should divert onto Xinsheng North Road.
  6. Northbound traffic on Zhongshan Bridge can take either of the following alternative routes:
  1. Northbound travelers on Zhongshan North Road are advised to take the U-turn lane beneath Zhongshan Bridge and head south instead, then take two right turns on Mingzhu West Road and Chengde Road respectively to return onto course.
  2. Eastbound Traffic on Mingshu West Road should turn north only at the Zhongshan North Road Diversionary Pass.
In order to safeguard traffic safety and lessen the general public impact, the TCPD calls for road users to avoid event areas and controlled road sections in advance, to pay attention to insert reports from the Police Broadcasting Station, and to conform to the directions of on-site officers or voluntary traffic wardens.