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Police and Communities Cooperate to Bust Drug Crimes

    Continually enforcing community drug prevention programs, the Wanhua Precinct of the TCPD has made progressive advances in apprehending drug dealers hidden in community buildings. The Precinct, having compiled a comprehensive list of suspected hiding places for drug dealers among rented apartments and studios where drug cases had been reported or uncovered, implemented community purging programs as well as anti-drug promotion campaigns to great effect; as of August, 2018, 39 community buildings have been targeted, among which 30 have been subjected to investigation.

    Under the direct command of deputy chief Yang, Xiao-xi, 11 officers from the precinct crime prevention section, Hanzhong Street, Guilin Road and Wuchang street police stations carried out raids against targeted buildings in the Hanzhong street police station’s area of jurisdiction on August 6. At approximate 7:35 in the afternoon, a studio located inside a community building on Kunming Street was subjected to investigation, and a suspect surnamed Tso was apprehended, along with 0.9 grams of Amphetamines, 1 set of paraphernalia, 2 electric scales that were confiscated on the scene. Mr. Tso was already wanted by the Taipei District Court for a prior case of drug abuse, and after interrogation was referred to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office for further investigation. This marks the first case of drug abuse and the second fugitive that the Wanhua Precinct has apprehended through enforcing the “Community Cleansing Program”.

    Through analysis of reported and uncovered drug crime hotspots, the Wanhua Precinct aims to further track the source of the drug flow, at the same time facilitating a friendly whistleblowing network amongst community residents and maximizing the effects of the Anti-Drug campaign. The ultimate goal is to banish drug addicts from communities and preserve residential safety for Taipei City citizens.