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Taipei City Police Department


Warm-hearted Police Found and Returned the Lost Luggage to Japanese Tourist

On April 14th, 2017, the Japanese tourist Mr. Sakuma (佐久間) took a taxi to visit his friend, living near Songlong Road (松隆路) and Yongji Road (永吉路) and left his luggage, passport and IDs on the taxi. Mr. Sakuma desperately rushed to Wufenpu police station (五分埔派出所) for help.
Due to the language barriers, Officer Guan-Ting Chen (陳冠廷) and Zhen-Han Wang (王振翰) had difficulty in communicating with Mr. Sakuma. By using the translation app, they knew Mr. Sakuma left his luggage on the taxi but had no idea about the taxi’s plate number, model or make. Officers checked the CCTV surveillance cameras, trying to trace the exact location where Mr. Sakuma got out of the taxi. Finally, they found the said taxi and contacted the driver Mr. Yu to return Mr. Sakuma’s luggage at the police station.
Upon being informed by the police, Mr. Yu spotted the luggage in the trunk and took it to the police station right away without asking for any rewards which made Mr. Sakuma so touched. Mr. Sakuma also had a deep impression of police’s conscientiousness.
The Xinyi police advise that citizens taking taxies should pay good attention to their personal belongings in order not to get stuff lost.