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President Álvaro Enrique Arzú Escobar of the Guatemala Congress Visits Taipei City Police Department

    President Álvaro Enrique Arzú Escobar of the Guatemala Congress, leading  a delegation, visited Taiwan from September 2 to 6 at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During their stay, they visited the Taipei City Police Department on September 4, and was received by Commissioner Jia-Chang Chen, along with The chiefs of the Crime Prevention and Foreign Affairs Divisions.

      During this visit, the honored guests reviewed the CCTV surveillance system introduction video in reception room, and exchanged opinions with the police about city policing, traffic, law enforcement experiences and the application of CCTV. President Arzú stated that the Guatemala congress building is, like Taiwan, located in the capital, thus often becoming a popular protest and public assembly location. President Arzú therefore expressed deep understanding on the   TCPD’s methods on processing public assemblies. Moreover, President Arzú is looking forward to having further exchange with the TCPD on the topic of CCTV surveillance systems.

      Commissioner Chen remarked that Mayor Ko pays considerable attention and support to policing, especially pertaining to the ever-changing modus operandi, which the TCPD needs enhanced investigative power and equipment updatesto cope with. In order to combat transnational crime issue, international policing is the predominant cooperative trend between countries.

The TCPD welcomes the president to revisit anytime, and is highly looking forward to the intimate bilateral cooperation with Guatemala in the future. The atmosphere during the reception was festive, and Commissioner Chen even presented his rendition of the popular Spanish song “Besame Mucho” to President Arzú and his delegation, drawing the visit to a perfect close.