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Taipei City Police Department


Watch Out for Job Traps! A Guide for Teenagers Seeking Summer Jobs

To gain more work experience and earn some pocket money, many teenagers choose to work part-time during the summer vacation. Most teenagers, who apply for a job for the first time, are liable to fall into job traps due to insufficient awareness of danger and knowledge of employee rights.
According to the Labor Standards Act, no employer should hire any person under the age of fifteen; the employer of workers who are under sixteen years old should secure letters of consent from their legal guardians. Besides, child workers' daily working hours should not exceed eight hours and working on regulated holidays is prohibited. As stated by the Protection of Children and Youths’ Welfare and Rights Act, children and youths may not access or work at hotels, special coffee shops, tea houses, adult product retailers, X-rated electronic games and other sites that involve gambling, sex or violence, etc...
When juveniles apply for jobs, they should pay attention to the age limits and the safety concerns. Recruitments including ambiguous wording, lack registered business name, or claim to offer high pay such as tens of thousand dollars per month, excellent promotion prospects or guaranteed employment are possible job traps. The Taipei City Police Department suggests that teenagers follow the below Seven Not-to-do Tips which will help them to be a pleasant work experience during the summer vacation:
1. Never pay any questionable fees.
2. Never get persuaded into buying questionable products in order to join a company.
3. Never get persuaded into applying for a credit card at the job interview.
4. Never sign any documents or contracts.
5. Always keep your ID with you; never submit it to any potential employer.
6. Never drink any alcohol or eat any food of unknown origin.
7. Never work illegally.
The Juvenile Affairs Division of the Taipei City Police Department urges parents and teenagers to have a good knowledge of related terms of contract appointment before working. If having any questions, citizens can contact the Juvenile Affairs Division of the Taipei City Police Department or the Juvenile Guidance Section in each district in Taipei.