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Taipei City Police Department


Zero Tolerance for Disturbance and Violence, Security to Be Boosted for Universiade Closing Ceremony

Security for the Closing Ceremony of the Taipei Summer Universiade on August 30th is to be increased to ensure the safety of the event. The Taipei City Police Department has enhanced intelligence collection for early warnings and developed security plans for the event. An estimated 6,000 police force will be deployed to guarantee success of the ceremony.
The Taipei Stadium Complex and its periphery will be divided into seven security zones, commanded by Chiefs of Songshan Precinct, Wanhua Precinct, Datong Precinct, Wenshan First Precinct, Wenshan Second Precinct, Beitou Precinct and Shilin Precinct respectively. Large scale police barriers will be set up around the parameter of shuttle bus stop where athletes get on and off, and a safe walking corridor will be created for athletes to enter the Taipei Stadium. Heavily armed police forces will be mobilized to patrol athlete and VIP areas. Seven checkpoints will be set up at sidewalks around Taipei Stadium Complex to serve as buffer zones for advance check in, accreditation and identifying suspicious people. Meanwhile, security check will be carried out on personal belongings in accordance with the published prohibited items list for the Universiade Closing Ceremony. Above control measures are to secure the environment of the Taipei Stadium Complex and all participants for a smooth event and to bring 2017 Taipei Universiade to a successful closure.
2017 Taipei Universiade is a grand occasion to our country. The Taipei City Police Department appeals to the public for their compliance with the relevant control measures. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of the delegations, VIPs and spectators, the Taipei police will strictly enforce the law and order. Any disturbance or illegal activities will be stopped and the offenders will be taken into custody in no time.