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Songshan Police promotes Traffic Safety Measures to Young Motorcyclists

  In order to enhance safety awareness among young motorcyclists, the Songshan Precinct of the TCPD participated in the 2019 Traffic Safety Committee Meeting held by Zhonglun High School, promoting safety measures upheld by road users. Targeting high school seniors that were about to enter university, the precinct hopes that through a joint venture with the Committee, traffic safety concepts may be solidified within adolescents, so as to prevent future traffic accidents.
  Statistics show that of the total 28,380 persons that were either injured or killed in traffic accidents throughout 2018 in Taipei City, motorcyclists take up 75%, and among those involved over 35.2% were young road users aged between 18 to 25 years old. The chief causes of the accidents were “unawareness of immediate road situations”, “spinning out of control due to speeding”, “road hogging”, “driver issues” and “not slowing down according to regulations”, which demonstrate that motorcyclists are prone to accidents due to inattentiveness toward road situations, speeding and ill-understanding of right of way.
  The Songshan Precinct would like to advise civilians that due to the lack of driving experience on the part of adolescent motorcyclists and their overall lack of defensive driving concepts, they are often subject to life-threatening traffic accidents. In order to protect civilian livelihood and lower the numbers of motorcycle accidents, road users must adhere to traffic regulations, lower driving speeds and pay attention to road situations in general.