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Taipei City Police Department


Warm-hearted Police Assisted Universiade Football GM with the Search of Lost Accreditation Card before Dawn

On August 14th before dawn, a foreigner anxiously came to the security checkpoint at the Universiade Athletes’ Village to ask for help. The foreigner was the General Manager of Brazil Football Team, who accidentally lost his accreditation card. According to the passing routes of the General Manager, on duty sergeant Yang, Shou- yuan (楊守源) of the 3rd Squadron of Mobile Division of the Taipei City Police Department inferred that the accreditation card might have been lost along the routes the GM took around the Athletes’ Village. Sergeant Yang along with assistance from Officer Fu, Yong-xin (傅永忻) and Foreign Affairs Police Xu, Yi-chun (許伊淳) searched carefully along the roads that the General Manager had taken previously. Just as expected, the accreditation card was found on the sidewalk outside the Athletes’ village where the General Manager had passed by. Due to the assistance of the police, the General Manager will be able to attend to the upcoming sporting event without a hitch. He highly praised Taiwan police for the impressive response efficiency and the remarkable spirit of public service.
The Security Division of the 2017 Taipei Universiade cautions that all personnel should show their accreditation cards and go through security check before entering the Village so as to ensure the safety of the event. Therefore, the accreditation cards must be kept safely to avoid loss which may result in failure to attend the sporting event or illicit use by malicious persons.