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Taipei City Police Department


“On the Move” Task Briefing Held at TPC to Prepare for 2017 Taipei Universiade

2017 Taipei Universiade is the biggest international sport event in our nation’s sport history. In terms of security enforcement, besides deployment of army and police, about 1,700 cadets from Taiwan Police College (TPC) will also be part of auxiliary security force, helping to maintain safety.
In order to strengthen the ability of those Taiwan Police College cadets when on duty during the Universiade, Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) has it all planned out, especially the organization and preparation of security enforcement task, security check procedures and various courses such as equipment operation, certification control, firefighting safety guide, emergency medical care, common English usage of security and enforcement terms as well as international etiquette. From April 10th to 13th, the TCPD invited subject matter experts from Chinese Emergency Medicine Education Association, Society for International Trade and Economic Affairs, Department of Civil Servant Development in Taipei City Government, Taipei City Fire Department, and Aviation Police Bureau to host security personnel duty seminar at Taiwan Police College.
To boost those cadets’ learning interest, the seminar had inspection gate on hand and demonstrated by officers from the Aviation Police Office. The TCPD also invited Bear Bravo that is the mascot of the Universiade as an assistant, carrying a hand-held metal detector and encouraging cadets to practice on its usage. Furthermore, five student volunteers selected by the Department of Education in Taipei City Government, led all the cadets to do the Universiade-themed aerobics during the break. Through courses arrangement, hands-on exercises as well as vivid and interactive teaching approaches, the cadets could feel and get into the spirits of the Universiade, elevate their willingness to learn and enhance their ability when on duty (related videos and photos are available in the cloud drive at: https://goo.gle/DaIC6K).
There are only about 100 days away from the 2017 Taipei Universiade. During the preparation period, the bureau executes by its motto – “success depends on advance planning and preparation, otherwise expect failures” to continue working on the preparation process of the Universiade. We believe that through the combination of security force and on-duty employees, the TCPD will provide safe competition environment for athletes from all over the world and thus leave them with a wonderful impression of Taiwan.