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​TCPD Apprehends Spreader of COVID-19 Related Rumor

    The Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) recently received reports of certain internet users distributing disturbing messages on social media platforms that read: “The Executive Yuan has declared a nationwide 2-week preemptive counter-COVID 19 lockdown period, starting tomorrow.”

    Obviously false, the message has sparked an inquiry led by the TCPD Criminal Investigation Division to uncover the source of the information and the identities of its distributors.
Using tracking materials from the social media app, the TCPD was able to track down the suspects of the rumor, and the case was swiftly referred to the Taipei Prosecutors’ Office for further clarification.

    The TCPD would like to advise the public to diligently check the authenticity of any received news related to counter-epidemic measures, so as to prevent becoming unwitting distributors of rumors and abettors of social unrest, who will be dealt with as per correlating legislation.