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Police Bust Cross-Border Gambling Syndicate

    In order to thoroughly execute the “Gamble Sweeping” program and to crack down on criminal elements that might attempt to operate illegal betting on the results of the 2018 year-end elections, the TCPD has raided multiple big gambling dens in Taipei City, with the objective of eradicating “election betting”.

  The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the TCPD was tipped off that a transnational gambling syndicate had set up a computer room in the Greater Taipei Area, to gather foreigners from Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines, Burma and Mainland China to engage in gambling, and also set up contact points to operate illegal online betting in Xinyi district and Banqiao district, New Taipei City. After an extended period of evidence collection, the CID reported the case to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office, which then directed and coordinated further investigation. On June 13, armed with search warrants, police officers from the TCPD Xinyi precinct, Datong precinct, Wanhua precinct, Neihu precinct, Wenshan First precinct and Zhongzhen First precinct along with the Haishan Precinct of the New Taipei City Police department and the 9th Investigation Corps of the CIB were divided into multiple teams to respectively carry out raids at several locations in Xinyi and Banqiao districts. The police apprehended 76 suspects and seized 74 computer mainframes, 6 sets of surveillance equipment, operational manuals, account books and lottery machines as evidence at the crime scene.

    It was later discovered that the gambling syndicate provided gamblers in Taiwan with betting services that allowed them to bet at overseas illegal gambling websites, which were scattered in Mainland China and Southeast Asia, and produced huge profits. According to the initial estimation of the police, the money bet by gamblers amount to over billions of NT dollars half a year. The main suspects were referred to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of operating gambling for profit.