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A Joint Task Force Busts an American Teacher Growing Marijuana

  The TCPD Criminal Investigation Division (CID) was tipped off about a foreign English teacher who was suspected of growing marijuana, a second-grade drug, in Nangang district in March this year. This case was reported to prosecutor Chen of the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office. Under his command, a joint task force was formed by officers from the CID Drug Investigation Center, TCPD Fifth Investigation Squadron, Second Squadron of the CIB Third Investigation Division, Nangang Precinct and Shilin Military Police Office. After a lengthy investigation and collection of evidence, an American teacher of a preschooler English class in Neihu district called “Kyle” was discovered to be the suspect in question.

      Following a long period of following and surveying the suspect, it was found that Kyle planted marijuana at home. On May 30th, the joint task force, armed with a search warrant issued by the Taipei District Court, searched an area near the Fude road in Nangang district, in which “Kyle” was apprehended as a suspect at the scene, and a set of cannabis cultivation tools (including fans, lightings, thermostats, sprinklers and plant growth tents, etc.), 95 net grams of dried cannabis flowers, 305 net grams of cannabis leaves, 16 net grams of dried cannabis leaves, 1152 net grams of cannabis butter (including its container) and 411 net grams of cannabis wine (including its container) were seized.

    The Police discovered that suspect Kyle not only had a strong build but also practiced Brazilian Jujitsu and kickboxing, with excellent combat techniques. The TCPD was prudent and sent an elite SWAT team along with a superior police force who formed a joint raid team to carry out the raid to ensure safety. The whole case has been referred to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of violating the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.