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Taipei City Police Department


NO.TitlePublish Date
1Recent Activities (8/24-8/30)2019-08-21
2The Open Tender for the 3rd Short-Term Borrowing of Taipei City’s Debt Fund in Fiscal Year 2019 is Successfully Completed, Saving About NT$70 Million Interest Expense2019-08-20
3Recent Activities (8/17-8/23)2019-08-15
4Latest Public Debt in July, 20192019-08-09
5Recent Activities (8/10-8/16)2019-08-07
6Recent Activities (7/27-8/2)2019-07-25
72019 Taipei Water Festival: A Cool and Wet Getaway through August 312019-07-19
8Recent Activities (7/20-7/26)2019-07-19
92019 WildViewTaiwan Film Festival in Taipei Conficious Temple2019-07-14
10Recent Activities (7/13-7/19)2019-07-12
11Recent Activities (7/6-7/12)2019-07-06
122019/10/5-6 Sat.-Sun. 19:30 【2019 Taipei Music Festival】森林樂遊─管樂慶典2019-07-05
132019/12/29 Sun.14:30【2019 Taipei Music Festival】《號角,揚起!》2019-07-05
142019/12/28 Sat.19:00【2019 Taipei Music Festival】《從心開始-貝多芬全本大提琴奏鳴曲》2019-07-05
152019/12/21 Sat.19:30【2019 Taipei Music Festival】《群弦狂舞》2019-07-05
162019/11/28 Sun.14:30【2019 Taipei Music Festival】Jean-Claude Casadesus & Gérard Caussé2019-07-05
172019/11/24 Sun.14:30【2019 Taipei Music Festival】《弦外,有音!》2019-07-05
182019/11/10 Sun.14:30【2019 Taipei Music Festival】Taipei Symphony Orchestra Pre-tour Concert2019-07-04
192019/11/3 Sun.19:30【2019 Taipei Music Festival】Inbal’s Mahler Symphony No.42019-07-04
202019/10/27 Sun.19:30【2019 Taipei Music Festival】Inbal’s Mahler Symphony No.2(Taipei)2019-07-04