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Shiba Inu Mascot to Promote Women’s and Children’s Safety

Shiba Inu Mascot to Promote Women’s and Children’s Safety

The Police Department’s Women and Children joined hands with illustrator Gifaye Pa of “SHIBA INU GIFAYE” to launch the agency’s online campaign “Arrival of Shiba Inu: Protecting Women’s and Children’s Safety.”

Users taking part in the online campaign will have a chance of receiving Chinese New Year Red Envelopes featuring shiba inu mascots dressed up in police uniform. The campaign seeks to raise social awareness on the safety of women and children.

The star mascot of the event GIFAYE and friends also appeared at the shooting session for the short clip promoting women’s and children’s safety. Gifaye Pa noted that he is pleased to contribute to the effort of protecting women and children, as well as animals.

The video has been uploaded to the Facebook fan page of “Sister Jenny” (Women’s and Children’s Protection Division of the Police Department) for public access.

According to Ho Cheng-han from the Asia Environmental Protection Organization, there is a high degree of overlapping among individuals who abuse animals and domestic violence offenders. Those showing cruelty to animals are likely to do the same to human beings – starting with people that are close to them. Therefore, promoting animal protection is the first line of defense towards protecting women and children.

The online campaign will kick-off on January 15, 2018. To participate in the campaign or to watch the clip, please visit the division’s Chinese Facebook fanpage:

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government