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Residents of Mountainous Area Urged to Get Rabies Vaccines for Their Pets

Residents of Mountainous Area Urged to Get Rabies Vaccines for Their Pets

To prevent rabies outbreak, the Animal Protection Office (APO) is urging the public to have their furkids inoculated against the disease – especially for those living in mountainous areas -- in the rabies vaccination tours conducted by the agency. The objective is for Taipei to achieve 70-percent immunization coverage.

According to APO, the City is seeing a growing number of rabies reports associated with Chinese ferret-badgers around the mountainous areas over the years, posing a serious threat to both residents and their furry pets dwelling in the vicinity.

In light of this, APO has distributed rabies vaccination notices across the City’s twelve districts since 2017, reminding pet owners to have their pets immunized against the disease on a yearly basis. A total of 25 inoculation sessions have also been carried out at districts in or near mountainous areas including Wenshan, Beitou, Nangang, Neihu, Shilin, and Xinyi, providing protection for 1,186 dogs and cats.

Private organizations are also encouraged to hold rabies vaccination activities. Government-sponsored vaccines will be provided if the events are deemed conducive to public good and involving practices by licensed veterinarians. The organizers will be required to return the unused vaccines within two weeks after the event’s conclusion.

To learn more about the rabies vaccination sessions, please visit the APO website: (Chinese).

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government