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City Vows to Counter Teen Drug Abuse

City Vows to Counter Teen Drug Abuse

Mayor Ko Wen-je stressed the immediate need to address drug abuse issue starting with junior high school students during the “Adolescent Antidrug Justice League” press conference on January 10.

During his speech, the mayor expressed his concerns about the gravity of the island’s substance abuse problems, citing statistics identifying adolescence as a critical risk period for the initiation of drug use. The average age for first contact with drug use is 14, indicating high school students’ vulnerability to the addiction. The Police Department also reports that drug addicts account for half of the criminals serving jail terms for the past three years.

In light of this, Ko pointed out that the City has implemented a series of anti-drug measures through the campaign, including integration of related database resources, establishment of a top-level anti-drug center, formation of a task force dedicated to combating drug offenses under Criminal Investigation Division, and effort to push for the setup of a team responsible for drug crime issues under Taipei District Prosecutors Office.

The mayor added that anti-drug campaigns targeting campus should be conducted in languages used by youngsters and in ways that can resonate among the students utilizing mediums such as comics, theater, the internet, and mobile apps.

The anti-drug network should also be expanded to include New Taipei, Keelung, and Taoyuan, thereby allowing for more efficient and effective response to drug crimes.

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