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City News

The Statistics for Taipei City Firms and Corporations Registration in December, 2017

  By the end of December 2017, there was a total of 235,747 firms and corporations registered in Taipei City, up by 1.64% from December 2016. Most of them were wholesale and retail trade industries that amounted to 66,773(28.3%), followed by manufacturing industries with 30,397 (12.9%). Professional, scientific and technical services industries amounted to 26,782(11.4%).
  There were 1,316 newly registered firms and corporations in December 2017, the majority of which concentrated in wholesale and retail trade industries, professional, scientific and technical services industries, financial and insurance services industries. Among them, the most were in wholesale and retail trade industries which amounted to 279 (21.2%).

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  • Updated: 2018/1/9 11:53
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  • Source: Taipei City Office of Commerce