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Winners Announced for 2017 Old Building New Life Award

Winners Announced for 2017 Old Building New Life Award

The winners have been announced for the 2017 Old Building New Life Award on January 5!

The gold medal has been presented to two winners: “U-mkt” and “Ama Museum.” The second place winners include “Museum 207” and “Long Nice Hot Spring,” while “Hehe Qingtian” walked award with the bronze medal.

Deputy Commissioner Wang Yu-fen of the Department of Urban Development noted that the competition spotlights the “micro-facelift” of old buildings and edifices, retaining old memories while adding new functions. This allows these old historical sites to play the role of story tellers, passing down tales and stories of the building and the community to new generations.

The competition for 2017 received a total of 53 submissions. Each of the projects comes with their respective stories, showing how the society supports the idea of infusing new energies into old buildings across the city.

Entering its 17th year, the organizers invited experts and academics including Wang Chun-hsiung, Lee Wei-yi, Lee Ching-chih, Ho Tai-wen, C.H. Lin, Hsu Chin-chih, Yang Shih-hung, and Su Ying-min to serve as jury members.

Additional details are available at the award’s Chinese website: For further information, please contact URO (TEL 02-2781-5696, ext. 3126, Mr. Chiu) or RandL (TEL: 02-2781-0111, Mr. Wei).

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