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City News

DOIT Unveils Beta Version of Upcoming City Website

DOIT Unveils Beta Version of Upcoming City Website

The beta version of the city government’s new website is now live! We invite users to visit the site and look forward to feedbacks. The beta site is accessible through January 12. (

According to the Department of Information Technology, the new website incorporates the concepts of UX (User Experience) and UCD (User-centered Design) at its core. In addition to interviewing members of the public and various organizations to identify their needs from government websites, the agency also analyzed information collected to improve user experience through the site’s redesign.

The new city government website combines photos of Taipei City landmarks and offers speedy search functions to adapt to user habits. Basic functions such as citizen services, news updates, and public announcements are placed at predominant areas on the page to facilitate user access.

In addition, the design of the citizen services menu characterized by large icons has incorporated available functions into 87 subdirectories under 14 major categories. Information from 400 websites under 147 city agencies is also available from the site, providing users with a clear direction to the data they require.

The website interface also reflects the concept of RWD (Responsive Web Design), allowing users to browse the sites via various devices and browsers.

For suggestions and comments on the new website, please contact:

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government