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City Conducts End-of-Year Public Safety Inspections before CNY Holiday

City Conducts End-of-Year Public Safety Inspections before CNY Holiday

With the approach of Chinese New Year, big box retailers and department stores are likely to see an increase in the number of visitors shopping for goods before the upcoming holiday.

To ensure public safety, the city government began conducting spot checks to examine public safety measures taken by facility operators on January 2. Upon discovery of code breaches, violators will be subject to fines of NT$120,000.

According to the Construction Management Office (CMO), the spot checks are conducted on a more frequent basis before the holidays to ensure the safety of these facilities in light of possible turnout of large numbers of holiday season shoppers.

CMO pointed out that conducting public safety inspections is a major duty for the agency each year. The focus of the spot checks is not to punish the businesses, but to identify weaknesses through the inspection and raise the awareness of businesses in maintaining a safe environment for customers.

Key emphasis of the inspection includes whether the emergency staircase, escape routes and corridors are kept clear, and whether automated roll-up doors and exhaust rooms are free from obstructions.

If individuals notice any fire code violations at buildings that might endanger public safety, please contact CMO by calling the 1999 Citizens Hotline (ext. 8387).

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  • Updated: 2018/1/4 15:22
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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government