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2018 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival Now Accepts Performance Applications

2018 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival Now Accepts Performance Applications

The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) is inviting performance groups to sign up for the 2018 Taipei Children’s Arts Festival!

The event, which is a much-anticipated feast of the City’s art scene in summer, will take place between July 2 and August 5 later this year. Performing groups are invited to submit show proposals suitable for family recreation while seeking to stimulate imagination and creativity among kids.

Application Details:

*Qualifications: Performing arts groups registered in Taiwan or individuals aged 18 or older with experience in public performances or show production capabilities
*Application Deadline: February 5, 2018
*Theme: Performances appropriate for both kids and parents
*Result Announcement: Results will be published on Taipei Children’s Arts Festival website ( (Chinese) by the end of March, 2018
*Performance Period: July 2 - August 5, 2018
*Production Fee: NT$33,000 per session (tax included)
*Performance Type: The performance venue, with a capacity of 400 seats, will be determined by the organizers. Applicants must ensure the performance can be conducted at both indoor and outdoor venues.
*Selection: The judge panel will select eight groups, each expected to perform seven to eight sessions.
*Note: A group can submit more than one performance proposals. Selected applicants will be asked to assist in promotional effort and provide information regarding their performances.
*Contact: Taipei Culture Foundation 02-2528-9580, ext. 191-198 (before Jan. 21) or 02-2599-7973, ext. 300 (starting Jan. 22)

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