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Student Tour Guides Welcome Softball Athletes from Miyazaki Prefecture in Japanese

Student Tour Guides Welcome Softball Athletes from Miyazaki Prefecture in Japanese

A delegation consisting of girls’ softball players from junior high schools in Miyazaki Prefecture arrived at Beitou Junior High School on December 26. Students enrolled in the school’s Japanese language classes served as guide for the visitors, taking them on a campus tour and providing information about the locations in Japanese.

The guests also took part in a series of adventure education classes with the girls’ softball team of Beitou Junior High School during their visit. The program is aimed at enhancing participant’s skills in problem solving, trust-building, and teamwork enhancement.

For the Japanese language class, Beitou Junior High School invited teacher Kuo Shu-chin from Taibei High School’s Japanese Language Division to serve as instructor. The class seeks to educate the students in speaking, reading, and writing in Japanese, thereby raising their interest in studying Japanese culture and acquiring an international perspective.

The Japanese language course for junior high school students is a part of the school’s student talent training program implemented since the 2012 school year. Held during the eight period of the school day, the program offers different types of classes designed to highlight the different skills of students. The diversified courses seek to help students develop their interest and talents, thereby realizing the goal of the 12-year compulsory education policy.

For the current semester, the school offers classes such as creative editing, guitar, Japanese language, Scratch computer programming, basketball, and printmaking aesthetics.

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