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Police Investigation on Gem Case in Full Swing

Ms. Wu (伍○○) was one of the participating vendors at the “2017 Taiwan Jewellery and Gems Fair,” which was held at the Taipei World Trade Center from November 3rd to the 6th. When the exposition concluded on the 6th of November, Ms. Wu put the gems on display—three solitaire diamonds, three emerald rings, and one sapphire pendant—into her handbag at 18:00, and placed it on the driver’s seat of her car parked in the B1 parking garage of the Center. When she went to the trunk to load equipment from the exhibition, a group of unknown men and women of foreign origin took her handbag away, leading to the loss of NTD 200,000,000. Ms. Wu reported the case to the Xinyi Precinct (信義分局) of the TCPD at 18:08. The case is currently under investigation by a joint task force comprised of members from the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), the TCPD, the Aviation Police Bureau and the National Immigration Agency.

Investigation reveals that the perpetrating gang had eleven members— eight men and three women— of which four men and one woman, respectively Mexican and Columbian nationals, were identified (Members of other nationalities may exist). The syndicate took separate taxis to the Taoyuan International Airport right after the crime, and left the country between 21:00 to 22:00. The task force has since reached out to INTERPOL for assistance through the CIB, and has also reported the case to concerned nations in order to intercept the five identified individuals. The investigation of the remaining four men and two women are still ongoing to confirm their identities and determine whether they have left the country and the locations of the stolen gems.

About 200 members of the police force were mobilized for this special operation, and aside from poring over CCTV surveillance data, inquiries into the hotel industry were also conducted. The identities and whereabouts of the remaining six individuals are still under intense search by the joint task force. The police are determined to solve the case quickly and are confident that all related suspects of the case will be identified in the shortest time possible.

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  • Updated: 2017/11/16 09:21
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  • Source: Taipei City Police Department