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Hutien Community Claims Honor of Taipei’s Golden Farming Village

Hutien Community Claims Honor of Taipei’s Golden Farming Village

Mayor Ko Wen-je presented awards to the winner of the first “Golden Farming Village” competition—Hutien Community (Zhuzihu) – on August 29. On behalf of Taipei, the community will advance to the nation-wide finals to compete for the top honor of representing Taiwan in exchange activities with German’s agricultural villages.

Located in the center of Yangmingshan National Park, Hutien Community was formerly known for its floriculture industry thanks to the alpine climate suitable for the cultivation of cherry blossoms, calla lilies, hydrangeas, and camellias. In recent years, the community has transformed into developing recreational farming that incorporates tourism, dining, and floriculture industries, therefore generating significant economic benefits.

Hutien is also the birthplace of the island’s japoca rice. With the locals’ rehabilitation effort in 2011, japoca rice farming has been successfully revived after disappearing for forty years. Adopting the approach of natural farming, the community has also shouldered educational responsibility by holding agricultural experience activities for elementary and junior high schools in the neighborhood.

Department of Economic Development (DED) pointed out that the competition serves to examine the advantages and resources of Taipei’s farming communities, hence helping them explore development opportunities and unlock their potential while bringing people together to achieve a common goal.

Some of the most outstanding agricultural communities that emerged from the competition include silver medal winner Neihu’s Baishihu Community, which has a reputation for growing organic vegetables and fruits; and bronze medal winner Nangang’s Jiuru Community, recognized for the production of green bamboo shoots and preservation of Sifen River.

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