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Foreign Affairs Police Offer Assistance to Foreign Tourists during Lantern Festival Activities

The 2017 Taipei Lantern Festival was launched on Feb 4th at the Red House in the Ximen area which has attracted a large number of people. Because the venue is located at the Ximen area where foreign tourists constantly converge, the Taipei Police Department has set up two Mobile Police Stations manned by foreign affairs police officers at Zhongshan Hall (中山堂) and Nishi Honganji (西本願寺) respectively to serve foreign tourists. They carry out foot patrol, interact with foreign tourists, promote the Lantern Festival activities and offer foreign tourists tips for safety and security during their stay in Taiwan. They have also told foreign tourists that they may turn to the police for help if they have any problem. For this caring service, the police have won the lavish praises of foreign tourists in Taiwan.

An Australian male, who was here alone as an independent traveler, ran into a foreign affairs police officer on patrol duty at one of the exits of MRT Ximen Station. The officer walked towards him to show his concerns. “I arrived in Taiwan at 0:00am, and looked for a hotel in Taipei. It was midnight but I did not feel unsafe. Over the past couple days, I feel safe even though I have been alone,” said the man.

Another couple from the UK learned the Taipei Lantern Festival activities from the Internet and invited their Hong Kong friends to visit Taiwan with them to watch the lantern display. They all said that there are no similar lantern activities either in the UK or in Hong Kong, so they feel it will be full of fun to experience the Taipei Lantern Festival. Furthermore, they have found Taipei a beautiful and safe city, so they would like to visit Taipei again in the future.”

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  • Source: Taipei City Police Department