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TCPD Beefs up Crackdown on Illegal Taxis

Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) has stepped up the following measures in light of the recent incident involving an alleged sexual assault of a South Korean visitor by a taxi driver, which caused panic among the public:

1. Enforcing inspection on taxis:
TCPD will start conducting city-wide spot checks on cabs until the end of the Chinese New Year Holiday in compliance with “Taipei City Police Department Action Plan on Taxi Driver Management” to ensure the safety of passengers.

2. Beefing up crackdown on illegal taxi operations at city’s hotspots:
The police force will mobilize officers from all precincts, Mobile Division, and Traffic Division to clamp down on illegal taxi drivers who commit offenses such as driving without a license, driving without a business registration certificate, exceeding the maximum age limit, or using revoked license. TCPD will focus on areas around the city’s tourist attractions, transportation hubs, taxi stands, and hotels. A total of 82,389 violations were reported in 2016.

3. Tightening up audit of taxi business registration:
The Traffic Division will tighten the review process of taxi business registration certificates to avoid isolated cases that damage the image of the city’s taxi fleet. Statistics indicate that a total of 26 certificates were revoked in 2016 in accordance with Article 31 of Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.

4. Conducting joint inspections with road traffic authorities:
TCPD will join road traffic authorities in cracking down on taxis providing illegal charter tour service or engaging in other illegal operations.

To report any irregularities, call 110 or use the mobile application “北市警政APP” (Chinese only).

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  • Source: Taipei City Police Department