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Beitou Precinct Bust an Illegal Gambling Den

The Beitou Police Precinct was tipped off that there was an illegal gambling den in a tin house hidden in the midst of a paddy field located in Guizikeng area, in which Tien Jiu Pai (天九牌) was played. A task force was set up to carry out a long period of observation in order to gather evidence. Meanwhile, the police applied for a search warrant issued by the Taiwan Shilin District Court, ready to search the den.

At midnight on December 11th, the den was closely under surveillance. When the lookouts were distracted, the police rushed to overpower them and rammed open the door. Upon hearing the police raid, gamblers sprinted through the backdoor in an attempt to escape. At that hour, the field was dark and gamblers sank into the muddy rice paddy and got stuck there, looking like scarecrows. For getting out of this embarrassing situation, gamblers turned to the police for help, begging “Would you please give me a hand and pull me out?”

Police arrested 11 people for being involved in illegal gambling, including the den owner Lin (born in 1967), two lookouts Lin (born in 1964) and Huang (born in 1963) and 8 gamblers. The police also seized the following as evidence: some Tien Jiu Pai (天九牌), chips, NT$ 25,300 in cash and a ledger that recorded more than NT$ 6 million worth of bets.

The Beitou Precinct reaffirms that police will keep cracking down on any illegal activities in order to create a good living environment.

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  • Updated: 2017/1/14 17:09
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  • Source: Taipei City Police Department