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TCPD Busts an International Escort Agency on Singles' Day

In order to conduct the prostitution sweep operation, the Datong Precinct has widely cracked down on escort services operating within their jurisdiction. A month ago, the Datong Precinct got tipped off that there were suspicious people hanging around a building located on Yanping N. Rd. Keeping the premises under surveillance, the police found that several suites in that building have been used as sex brothels. The police accordingly applied to the Shilin District Court for search warrant and carried out simultaneous raids on November 11, arresting five prostitutes employed by an escort agency, “Baby Escorts” and three “johns” who were engaging in sex trade on the spot.
According to the police investigation, the escort agency used the internet communication software to contact their customers. Moreover, they installed pinhole cameras in the hallways outside the suites so as to run the business by remote control. On Singles' Day, there was a stream of customers. The Datong Precinct considered it a chance that must not be missed; therefore, they carried out simultaneous raids on the apartment building.
Five escorts, including one Taiwanese, one Chinese, and three Thais, and three clients were caught engaging in illegal sexual act on the scene. The proceeds of sexual service, totaling NTD 27,000 in cash, surveillance cameras, condoms and lubricant were also seized on the spot as evidence. In addition, the police arrested the owner, surnamed Chen, who ran the escort agency in Sanchung District, New Taipei City.
According to the transaction receipts seized at Chen’s residence, the daily proceeds totaled NTD 903,600. The case was later referred to the Shilin District Prosecutors’ Office for follow-up investigation.
Although the tight monitoring system set within the call girl organization made it doubly difficult for police investigation, the Datong Precinct still busted the escort agency with their confidence, determination and excellent skills. The police will continuously make the best efforts to eliminate prostitution.

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  • Updated: 2016/12/23 11:20
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  • Source: Taipei City Police Department Shilin Police District