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TCPD Works with B'in Music to Seize Mayday Concert Scalpers

On May 16, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Taipei City Police Department arrested a 30-year-old woman, surnamed Lin and a 27-year-old man, surnamed Lin, those who were suspected of scalping the Mayday concert tickets on “SHOPEE.TW” and “,” which is going to be held at the end of the year. After police questioning, they were referred to the summary court for ruling on charge of violation of Paragraph 2, Article 64 of the Social Order Maintenance Act.
Mayday, a Taiwanese pop rock band, is going to hold nine concerts at the end of the year at Taipei Arena. The concert tickets were sold out within minutes after hitting the market in early November. Many fans were so desperate for the tickets that created an opportunity for scalpers to operate. The CID then actively cooperate with B'in Music Co. Ltd, the record label, to crack down on scalpers.
The TCPD massively searched for ticket resale on line in order to prevent the practice of ticket scalping and the Internet auction fraud. The police spotted the woman, surnamed Lin offering tickets of seats in sequential order which were merely sold for NT$5000 on the famous “SHOPEE.TW” website to appeal buyers. Lin stated that she spent NT$28,000 buying six concert tickets, originally priced at NT$ 16,000 in total, from 3 different people and then sold for more than NT$ 40,000 to make profits from the price difference. The police also located the man, surnamed Lin reselling tickets on the online auction websites “Yahoo!” and “” and leaving his line account as the contact information. He paid NT$70,000 for four tickets, originally priced NT$ 17,520 in total, and sold for more than NT$ 80,000. Both the two persons were caught for “buying transportation or entertainment tickets with no intention to use and reselling them for profits,” which is prohibited and provided in Paragraph 2, Article 64 of the Social Order Maintenance Act.
The police appealed to the public not to make profit from reselling tickets to violate the laws. Anyone had better not buy scalper tickets, which may drive up the ticket price, and be careful not to buy counterfeit tickets on line, ending up the victim of cyber scam.

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  • Updated: 2016/12/19 11:38
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  • Source: Taipei City Police Department Shilin Police District