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The Missions of the Women's and Children's Protection Division

1. Administrative Section:
This section is in charge of this division’s affairs including its administration, preservation of peace, inspections, administrative services, research, development and evaluation, archives, documentation, official seals, cashier, education, training, security, civil defence, laws and regulations, logistics and equipment, general affairs, property management, residence maintenance, traffic and information.

2. Crime Investigation and Prevention Section:
(1) Planning, supervision and public awareness of the security of women and children.
(2) Planning, supervision and dissemination of domestic violence prevention measures.
(3) Planning, supervision and dissemination of sexual assault prevention measures.
(4) Planning, supervision and dissemination of child and youth sexual transaction prevention measures.
(5) Planning, supervision and dissemination of child protection measures.
(6) Executing measures to protect homeless women and children.
(7) Planning and publicity of crime prevention.
(8) Providing other assistance in crime investigation.

3. Patrol Squads:
(1) Executing police duties.
(2) Implementing children protection.
(3) Handling sexual assault cases (including escorting victims to a hospital for a medical examination and taking statements)
(4) Handling domestic violence cases (including providing temporary shelters for victims)
(5) Providing the public with consultation as well as handling lost and found objects.
(6) Offering care and assistance to women or children who get lost.

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