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TCPD 4 Digit Code & QR Code are Online

In order to accommodate more than ten thousands of foreign athletes coming to contest in the forthcoming Universiade Taipei 2017 and a large number of foreign tourists who are expected to flock into Taipei City for the sports event, the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) has especially designated a 4 digit code for each of its 92 police stations, along with a QR code system exclusively utilized by them, to allow foreign visitors to easily identify the nearby or the local police station.
In recent year, the number of foreigners who have visited Taipei City has risen drastically. When they encounter various situations and need to seek assistance from the police or when they want to go to the nearby police station to report a case, they do not know where they are because they are confused by the complicated Chinese Pinyin system used to Romanize the name of police stations. In order to make Taipei City more friendly and convenient for foreign visitors, and to make preparation for the upcoming 2017 Taipei Universiade, the TCPD not only has translated the name and address of the 92 police stations within its jurisdiction into English, but also designated a 4 digit code to each police station and a QR code has been utilized by them. After being scanned, each QR code will reveal the geographic location and other information of the police station that the code represents, allowing the public to locate the nearby police station right away.
In principle, a 4 digit code is composed of the first two digits representing each precinct’s code on its patch and the second two digits representing the radio code of each police station. The Sunchang Li Police Station of the Xinyi Precinct, for example, has 11 as its first two digits because the patch code of the Xinyi precinct is 11, and has 03 as its second two digits because the radio code of Sunchang Li Police Station is 03. Therefore, the unit code of Sunchang Li Police Station is 1103. (Please find the attached table.)
Of course, in case of an emergency, please directly dial 110, and the TCPD Command and Control Center, which will transfer the call to a foreign affairs police officer who can speak English or require a response from the police station that is closest to the caller.
With the aid of the concise 4-digit coding and the QR code, it is believed that foreign visitors’ safety in Taipei city can rely on something that is far more convenient.